The College of Saint Rose / CITE

EDA 505 Introduction to Educational Leadership and Administration

October - November 2017

Dr. George Maurer

Schedule of Classes:

Saturdays, October 7,14,28 and November 4, 11 from 8:00am-4:30pm

Class 3: October 28, 2017:

  • Vision Projects

  • On Demand Writing Assignment
  • Review of PDP - Snapshot of project:
    • Part I - Gather 3-5 artifacts for each ELCC / ISLLC standard listed in syllabus - separate them in a folder for ease
    • Part II - Reflection - Summative reflection on the standards and the artifacts you've collected for each. Discuss why you selected the artifacts and their significance to you. Include your experiences, learnings and takeaways from classes, activities, assignments and readings within each standard.
    • Part III - Growth Plan - An account standard by standard in a logical, sequential order. Take the ISLLC survey again after class 4.
      Then use your baseline data from the original ISLLC survey given in the first class and compare the two. What are areas of strength and areas for focus within the standards? Once you have a good understanding of the data, you need to create a specific plan for growth in each standard, goals for the future and how you plan on meeting them. (timelines, objectives, etc.)
    • Data Discussion

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How to make graph in Excel?
  • All readings listed in syllabus
  • Reflection 3
  • Completed Data Assignment / Presentation Ready