Adelphi University
School of Education

EDU 0808-723-005– Curriculum Design in a Web 2.0 Environment
Fall 2011
Dr. George Maurer

Schedule of Classes: Wednesdays, 3:40 to 5:30 - Swribul 100

Class 6: 10-12-11

Essential Questions:
1. What is the difference between active and passive learning?
2. How do you learn best?
3. How were you taught in school?
4. How do students and teachers work and utilize new technology in a 21st century school environment?

Fall 2011 Main Project Page

345-415 - Group Meetings
415-430 - Group 1 Presents
430-445 - Group 2 Presents
445-530 - Next Steps...
  • Who and what will you need for this project to be successful? (77)
  • Create a project calendar with key events, due dates, etc. (78)
  • How will you meet the needs of all learners and how will you make sure that each learner is responsible for the team's success? (79)
  • What are the formative and summative assessments you will use to monitor and evaluate learning? (81)
  • What are the unique needs of the teacher and student in this project? (84-85)
  • Students should be involved in activities that will allow them to inquire, study, plan, evaluate, compare, collaborate, manage, create, and present. What does this look like in your project? (95)
  • What rubric will you be using to assess learning? (101)
  • What kinds of questions are being asked of students? (108)
  • In the end, how will you tell your story? (111)
  • How will you incorporate the web 2.0 tools Richardson speaks of? (Blogs, Wikis, RSS, Social Bookmarks / Networking, Podcasting, Screencasting, Video and Live Stream?

Jackie Wladyka
Felicia Singh
Danny Franchese
Sofiya Khazanovich
Grace Polson
Dinamarie Tsoukalas
Matthew Dini
Nick Tomasso
Dawnmarie Lanni
Carmela Gandolfo
Jana John
Danielle Miller
Annette Nowak
Maribel Cardona
Brian Kelly

For next time...

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Read Richardson - 4-8