The College of Saint Rose / CITE

EDA 590 - Critical Issues in Educational Leadership

Winter 2017

Dr. George Maurer

‍Schedule of Classes: Saturdays - November 18; December 2-3 (Albany), 9, 16 from 8:00am-4:30pm

November 18, 2017


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Review Syllabus
What are the critical issues in education?
Review ISLLC and ELCC Standards

- ***Note: Internship does not pertain to this course, rather a listing and explanation of the ELCC standards.

Review Culture, Change and PLCs
  • How would you describe your own leadership style(s)?
  • What aspects of your leadership style would you need to develop to lead in the challenging times facing schools today?

For your edification...Danielson and Marshall Frameworks

  • Evaluation Management Systems

Case Study 13, Page 16 in Preparing for Ed. Leadership 2nd Edition

School Violence Prevention, Suspension and School Safety

Case Study 17, Page 21 in Preparing for Ed. Leadership 2nd Edition

Upcoming assignments:

  • Concept Paper
  • Practitioner Interview
  • TED Talk / UnConference presentation
  • NCATE Assignment

For next time...

  • All readings outlined in syllabus
  • Concept Paper Due
  • Weekly Reflection Due