Adelphi University
School of Education

EDU 0808-723-005– Curriculum Design in a Web 2.0 Environment
Fall 2011
Dr. George Maurer

Schedule of Classes: Wednesdays, 3:40 to 5:30 - Swribul 100

Class 7: 10-19-11

Essential Questions:
1. What is the difference between active and passive learning?
2. How do you learn best?
3. How were you taught in school?
4. How do students and teachers work and utilize new technology in a 21st century school environment?

Fall 2011 Main Project Page

For tonight....

  • Team time for project review
  • Using a Tuning Protocolto design and refine teacher created work.
  • Project time
  • Questions, comments, concerns...

For next class...
  • Bring your mic/headsets
  • PBL - Chapters 10 & 11
  • Richardson - Chapter 9 & Epilogue -
  • Read, reflect and respond (on your blog) to Connecting the Lonely Professionby Suzie Boss. Be sure to hyperlink to the article within your blog entry response.
  • Working draft of PBLA